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Part Exchange Trade In

We understand you're still very attached to your existing boat. You've had some great times together and made some fantastic memories. But it's time to find it a new home to facilitate the purchase of your new dream boat! 

BHG Marine offer various options to help you find a new home for your existing boat. 

1. Brokerage - BHG Marine will list the boat for sale on your behalf, taking care of all the preparation, photography and advertising the boat. We take care of all enquiries and viewings, before handling the final sale and paperwork. A commission is deducted for our brokerage services. This option is the best option if the new boat has a long lead time, meaning there is time to find a buyer. 

2. Part exchange trade in - BHG Marine will offer you a figure to take the boat into our stock. This figure will be offset against the cost of the new boat. You're likely to return a little less in this instance, as we will then take on the ownership of the boat and it becomes our liability, but it provides you with an option that's quick if you're buying a new boat with a short lead time.

3. Brokerage with an underwriting figure - A combination of the above. If your new boat is on a long lead time, it often makes sense to offer your boat for sale on brokerage in order to secure you a higher figure. If your boat does not sell by a set date (the delivery of the new boat), we offer to take your boat in as a trade-in at a previously agreed figure. 

To find out what options are available to you, please complete the form below and a member of our sales team will be in contact to discuss. 

Part Exchange Request

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